ReuseablE JARS

We are now serving optional reusable jars for our shakes. Customers are encourage to bring in their jar for us to put their shake or coffee in.  

Paperless Approach

We want to make sure our customers have access to our nutritional information as well as a loyalty card. We also learnt paper gets lost so frequently and it will require us to continuously print and renew. We introduced our own FUEL+ app in early 2014. It has all of our food and drinks' nutritional information as well as digital coupons and loyalty rewards card. It’s available for FREE on iOS and Android devices. Our goal is to make information accessible so our customers can make informed choices while minimizing the use of trees. Check the app out at

Social Involvement & Charities

We are heavily involved with local and international social charities and movements.  Last holiday, we teamed up with local charity FIFE House. 10% of all proceeds of this gift jar was donate to them to help with housing and food needs. Check out more information on in this video.