Peanut Butter Cold Brew

Best of Both Worlds: Peanut Butter Cold Brew! Pure peanut butter meets organic cold brewed coffee for a deliciously smooth, energizing treat. Packed with protein and natural energy, it’s the perfect drink to fuel your day. Experience the irresistible flavour fusion that Toronto loves – elevate your protein and coffee game with every sip!

Matcha Almond Supreme

Experience Toronto’s ultimate sport recovery shake with our Matcha Almond Supreme! Made with organic ceremonial grade matcha, this energizing blend provides natural BCAAs and 20 grams of clean protein. Packed with high antioxidants, it boosts performance and supports recovery. Enjoy the smooth, nutty flavor of premium almonds with vibrant matcha. Elevate your health with every sip – you deserve the best.

Best Green Smoothie

There are many imitations out there, but none of them can compete with our Deep Green Supreme Smoothie. It is not only detoxifying but also a great source of probiotics. Our fan-favourite shake features Spirulina, a superfood blue-green algae!

Bubble Tea meets Protein Shake

Peanut Butter, Banana, 20g of Protein with our Vegan Gluten Free Boba

FP1 Complete Greens

Daily Requirement Of Multi-Vitamins & Greens

7 Days to better health

Feeding your body the right fuel is the key to performing at your best, but even the most diligent and health-conscious individuals can benefit from a FUEL+ 7-Day Cleanse Program. No starvation is required.

Bone Broth for Health

Our bone broth uses traditional Chinese methods of broth making. Broth is condensed for 8 hours to achieve perfection. Bone broth is a natural way to boost your body's collagen during the winter months.