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5 things to consider before you start your next Cleanse Program


5 things to consider before you start your next Cleanse Program


There are many different ways to do a "Cleanse Program". Either you join one at your local juice place, or you do it on your own.  There are plenty of recipes and regiments on the internet you can find that will at least tell you what to do. But how do you know if the program is right for you? Here are 5 things you should ask yourself and find answers to before you start your next cleanse program.

1.  Not all Cleanse Programs require Fasting

Let's get the big one out of the way.  There are plenty of programs out there that promote solid fasting. Some of their theories include the idea that your body will "reset" itself.  The shock to your body will release toxins and therefore cleanse.  The science is still out on the benefits of fasting. Even if we put that aside for a moment, the biggest issue is that most people will cheat! It sends the wrong message about food and how your body should respond to it.  We recommend perhaps look into one that promotes clean eating of fibrous vegetables and some fruits.

Studies also have shown that high-fiber foods may have other heart-health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and inflammation. Helps control blood sugar levels.
— Mayo Clinic

2. Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts Allergies

Chances are the cleanse program you are looking at is filled with vegetables, fruits & nuts 🥜.  But have you considered food allergies may affect how your body feels.  Make sure you communicate to your provider (if you are letting someone prepare your cleanse for you, like us) all of your food allergies.  That includes environmental ones like dust and pollen.  Your body responses drastically different when it's under stress.  Consider how your body feels before you start a journey. Perhaps a food allergy test with your doctor can help you determine with certainty any allergies you may have. 


3. Clear youR Calendar (No Partying)

Let's be honest. If you usually drink alcohol and are out seeing friends, you are likely to have a drink.  No matter which cleanse program you are following, it is counter intuitive to be drinking alcohol during it. My suggestion is to clear your calendar during that time and remove the temptation. (It will help your wallet too! )

4.  Success comes with Preparation

If you are using a program like ours, you may be tempted to think it's all done for you.  It would be a lie to tell you that! There are a few important steps that you should go through to ensure the success of the cleanse.  One of the top pieces of advice that we share with our 7 Days Clean FUEL Program customers is to clear your fridge and kitchen cabinets of bad food .  Along with a good prep day before you start, you should sail through the cleanse with all the necessary components.  We recommend a shopping list before you start. (Our program will send you one)


5. Set realistic expectation

When I talk to customers about any cleanse program, my first question to them is WHY?  Understanding why you are going through this will help you set the course on the right path.  Reasons can range from weight loss to better energy.  But no matter what they are, you need to be honest and set realistic expectations.  Even if you were to expect to drop 10 pounds of weight, understand it is mostly water weight that you lost (versus fat loss).  It's not a bad thing but know that the next time you eat salty food, you will likely "gain" a few of those water pounds back.  We produced a video that highlights DAY 1 of 7 of our Clean FUEL Program.  We hope it helps you set some expectations of what your goals are and what the cleanse program will look like.

FUEL+ 7 DAYS CLEAN FUEL Program - Day 1 Highlights


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